Terms and conditions

As a user of this Web site, you bring the terms and conditions set out on this page, as well as other pages detailed in the NerdyMates.com policy. If you do not agree with the content on this page, do not use the website and services it offers. Mr. Nerdy Mates has the right to edit, modify, add or remove parts of these conditions without notice. It is the user’s responsibility to become familiar with these provisions and conditions before using our services

Please read our Privacy Policy page for detailed information about this

Nerdy Mates Services

When purchasing our online service, you bring these terms and conditions and agree to receive a product for personal, non-commercial use only. Nerdy Rates cooperates with freelancers who transfer their rights to documents, essays, presentations and other products to customers upon completion. Be sure to use the terms listed on the “Instructions” page before you can submit your order

Use of the product

Through our service, you acknowledge that the final product received from the company refers only to personal, non-commercial use and cannot be distributed, edited or published on third-party websites. Nerdy Mates creates a product as an example or model, so customers cannot place their names in the shipping product. Any unauthorized use of a product produced by Nerdy Mates may result in legal sanctions. Neither the company nor its partners will be responsible for any illegal, unethical or other improper use of the product and its effects, such as poor valuation, suspension, loss of financiing/scholarship, academic probation

Copyright and personal use

All documents delivered by our company are written by professional freelice writers who transfer rights to the customer after delivery of the product, which means that the customers, ordered and purchased on paper, are the only owners of the material and can use it for their purposes (not including commercial use). However, customers lose their right to the product if they have been compensated and are reimbursed on paper. In this case, all rights are passed to Nerdy Mates, and you can publish the document to the Web site as an example for sharing

All the products of the Nerdy Mates are to be returned, and we have a guarantee that the money will be returned to all our customers. In order to obtain redress, the client must provide convincing evidence of inconsistencies between the original instructions and the final product or other error message at the end of the agency. For more information, please refer to our refund policy or contact our customer support team


All products manufactured and delivered to the company Nerdy Mates are 100% source and user. It is expected that the maximum plagiarism may be 10 per cent of the whole text (no references or quotations are included here). Due to the use of the most new plagiarism scanning tools, our quality control department ensures the highest quality of documents delivered to all customers

Similarly, the Nerdy Mates will cancel any changes or proofs that include a change in the paid material. It is strictly contrary to the company’s policy of creating or changing the plagiated texts

Nerdy Mates seeks to offer services. We guarantee that all goods delivered by our company are unique and can be free; we guarantee that all eligible customers will receive money transfers; we guarantee that all customers will be able to request several free editions (i.e. do not include editing and proofreader requests); we guarantee that all orders will be delivered to the requested dates; we guarantee the use of proven reliable materials for the study

In the company Nerdy Mates, we recognize the importance of our client’s confidentiality. We developed a Privacy Policy, which describes how NerdyMates.com collects, stores and uses personal information of our clients. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information

Payments and payments

All payments must be made at the request of the order; therefore, the company guarantees that the bootstrapper will be assigned to the customer and that the customer is ready to cooperate with the author and the company. If the client canceling the payment at any time, the service will be terminated. All payments are displayed on the home page of the Web site, and clients can calculate the total amount before they request paper and make a purchase.

All clients are entitled to compensation if there is an error at the end of the company, which has a significant impact on the quality of the work. For more information, see the Reparations Policy page

Limitation of Liability

NerdyMates.com is not responsible for any consequences of the use of this website, including but not limited to:

  • All the situations that are related to the lack of information on the contents of this website and its policies
  • Low-cost, loss of scholarships/finance, suspension, etc
  • Damage due to the use of this website, for example, damage to your computer, software, programs, tools, etc